It took a supernatural strength motto to live by faith over fear for Tiffynee Terry-Thomas to stay encouraged and to keep striving for her purpose.  From elementary school to now via social media, Tiffynee has captivated the attention of her peers with her inspiring words, ambitious spirit and kind soul.

In May 2019, the idea of Frisky Femme was initiated by a group of ladies who talked about their sexual experiences. Tiffynee become a Certified Sexologist so she could educate women and men on having healthy sexual relationships.  When she created a fan base around her blog called Sex Tip Tuesday, it was exciting; however, this was only part of the process that was needed to help people engage in positive healthier relationships.  


Tiffynee realized that the meaning of Frisky Femme was being a physically affectionate woman.  Physically affectionate isn’t just limited to having sex or physically touching someone, it is the ability to connect to being fond of who you are and the things that are important to you. You should be fond of your appearance, mind, health, soul, and body. Tiffynee kept this in mind and took the opportunity to design an apparel brand that not only modeled her affectionate and chaotic lifestyle, but her cute and comfy clothing style as well.  Tiffynee’s love for looking cute and comfortable inspired her to launch her own clothing line, Frisky Femme.

Frisky Femme, LLC is an apparel brand that focus on providing affordable Posh Leisure Style to the affectionate enthusiast.




Tiffynee Terry-Thomas is a holistic sexologist and relationship, intimacy, and pleasure coach. Through guidance and accountability coaching, she works with singles and couples who want to improve themselves and their relationships by setting goals, teaching communication styles, and conflict resolution strategies. She is gentle with time and puts in the effort to truly understand her clients to give them the best guidance possible. Tiffynee’s passion for health and confidence translates through the healthy habits and environments she instills in her clients to transform their self-esteem. She will always have their best interests at heart, approaching problems by looking through personal and individualized lens. In order to document the goals and progress of her clients, she regularly meets with them.


Tiffynee was born and raised in Lakewood, Washington. In 2011, she graduated from Central Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary in Science, Psychology and a law and justice minor. She is the mother of two beautiful girls and the wife to her loving and doting husband.