Chapter 1: Discovering Self Revelation

Have you asked yourself Sis, Is it you ?


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Sis, Is it you?

Do you know yourself intimately? Sis, Is It You?, takes you on a journey of self-revelation and personal discovery in this book and workbook. Sis, Is it You? forces you to ask yourself the hard questions and come face to face with the areas in your life where you are the problem…those Sis it is me, moments.

Through real and relatable examples, you will get to the root of where your heart is, establish a foundation while being guided with tough love that pushes you to pull back the layer of fluff and get to the truth of YOU. You will walk away armed with tools and strategies to help you embrace your discovery and detox from the toxins you have allowed to contaminate your heart and life.

On this journey, Tiffynee will be your guide as you navigate through the difficult moments to be able to prevent your old habits as you continue to grow toward your healing and become whole.


Benita Allen

Birmingham, Alabama

Diane Cormier